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#489 luci-app.openvpn is broken LuCI Applications defect new 09/15/2012
#570 при попытке зайти на www. выходит этот английский текст LuCI Applications defect new 05/03/2013
#425 LUCI compilation issues !! LuCI Base LuCI 0.10.0 defect soma assigned 06/05/2012
#655 OLSR-Neighbour call @ Freifunk terminates with Error LuCI Freifunk Support LuCI 0.11.0 defect new 12/07/2013
#380 Two openvpn problems with luci-app-openvpn_0.10+svn7859-1 LuCI Applications defect new 01/24/2012
#544 Error on Editing Wireless Settings LuCI Applications defect new 02/27/2013
#652 OLSR StatusInfo @ Freifunk LuCI Freifunk Support defect new 11/08/2013
#522 3G/4G luci web gui? LuCI Applications enhancement new 12/23/2012
#19 package sizes in packagemanagement LuCI Base LuCI 0.10.0 defect jow assigned 01/02/2009
#469 make runhttpd failed, undefined reference to `crypt' LuCI Base LuCI 0.10.0 defect new 08/09/2012
#660 JSON-RPC - Forbidden (403) - Forbidden LuCI Base LuCI 0.10.0 defect new 02/05/2014
#619 luci interface LuCI Applications LuCI 0.11.0 defect new 10/09/2013
#650 SourceNAT -> Rule @ PortForwarding LuCI Applications LuCI 0.11.0 defect new 11/06/2013
#80 add luci-uvc library from fon-ng (patch included) LuCI Applications defect new 08/29/2009
#129 Hang when saveing changes on Mount Points LuCI Applications defect new 05/03/2010
#130 httpclient does not always return full http body LuCI Base defect reopened 05/19/2010
#159 openvpn-app does not show multiple openvpn servers LuCI Applications defect new 11/12/2010
#186 urlencode does not encode '+' properly LuCI Applications defect new 01/19/2011
#209 SimpleForm results in nested form elements LuCI Base defect new 03/09/2011
#229 IPv4 WAN Status is shown as not connected when there is a ppp tunnel up LuCI Applications defect new 04/29/2011
#277 [openvpn] config for route and push has to be of type list LuCI Applications defect new 07/21/2011
#279 Then PPTP connection configured and established, there are no information about this in web interface (LuCi) LuCI Base defect new 07/24/2011
#280 luci-app-diag-devinfo/core : Access Violation LuCI Applications defect reopened 07/24/2011
#282 LUCI https backed fail to carry Save & Apply requests LuCI Base defect new 07/28/2011
#315 Wrong network interface status LuCI Base defect new 10/09/2011
#326 iwinfo always shows the same txpower range (wl:0-18dBm, ath9k/ath5k:0-27dBm) regardless of device capability LuCI Applications defect reopened 10/22/2011
#331 Wrong display of wifi-iface LuCI Applications defect new 10/29/2011
#346 LuCI Makefile has hardcoded SVN dependencies. LuCI Applications defect jow accepted 11/13/2011
#347 Status page shows the wireless channel details incorrectly LuCI Base defect reopened 11/13/2011
#370 OpenVPN options dependencies are not respected LuCI Applications defect new 01/01/2012
#382 luci-ddns: Support 'script' IP source LuCI Applications defect new 01/30/2012
#385 OpenVPN setup: configuration name is ignored LuCI Applications defect new 02/27/2012
#389 Restore PVID vlan support in LuCI LuCI Base defect reopened 03/08/2012
#393 JSON-RPC login function returns no error even login was failed LuCI Applications defect jow accepted 04/18/2012
#419 zoneinfo2lua.perl doesn't create entries for certain timezones LuCI Base defect new 05/20/2012
#423 Build problem on Mac OSX 10.7.4, Xcode 4.3.2 LuCI Base defect new 06/05/2012
#428 uhttpd missing libubox , so doing make "runhttpd" failed LuCI Base defect new 06/11/2012
#429 Wrong IPv6 WAN status on the overview page LuCI Base defect reopened 06/11/2012
#434 [Trac] 404 loading jQuery. LuCI Applications defect new 06/21/2012
#440 Freifunk Overview goes Config Checker LuCI Freifunk Support defect new 06/23/2012
#443 Wrong selection menu @ LuCI-Statistics LuCI Applications defect new 06/23/2012
#445 Can't see wireless status in LuCI -> Status LuCI Base defect new 06/28/2012
#449 Internet Explorer 9 viewing problem LuCI Base defect new 07/09/2012
#462 Luci Statistics Ping application shows 1/100 of ICMP drop rate (1.0% instead of 100%) LuCI Applications defect new 08/09/2012
#463 luci-app-openvpn and "client_tap_bridge" problem LuCI Applications defect new 08/09/2012
#492 Error when logging into LuCI LuCI Applications defect new 09/23/2012
#507 Development Environment Compilation broken LuCI Applications defect new 11/12/2012
#511 missing last part of chunked encoding content LuCI Base defect new 11/15/2012
#527 Some graphs stay flat in ping LuCI Applications defect new 01/11/2013
#541 Unable to Set Up Wireless Connection LuCI Applications defect new 02/27/2013
#545 IE8 error in cbi.js form validator code LuCI Base defect jow accepted 02/27/2013
#546 luci-french freezes on collecting data LuCI Applications defect new 02/28/2013
#549 i18n: translation catalogs must provide context LuCI Base defect new 03/08/2013
#550 i18n: translation templates are totally out of date LuCI Base defect new 03/08/2013
#553 Patch: sync code providing localized hw_name in the overview pages LuCI Applications defect new 03/15/2013
#554 wifi scan bug LuCI Base defect new 03/15/2013
#568 luci-app-minidlna trashes services submenu in web interface LuCI Applications defect new 04/22/2013
#571 Add an option for custom IPv6 DNS in the WAN6 interface section LuCI Base defect new 05/11/2013
#581 uhttpd-cgi.c handles Authorization header but server.lua misses it LuCI Base defect new 05/25/2013
#593 Wifi Mode/Channel selection ignore each other LuCI Base defect new 08/05/2013
#610 modules/admin-full: fix 802.11s mesh config option LuCI Base defect new 10/09/2013
#625 Browser 404 error when switching to a non-LuCI router (LuCI redirect stays in cache) LuCI Base defect new 10/19/2013
#653 Entry into Freifunk Contacts causes ServerError LuCI Freifunk Support defect new 11/08/2013
#657 Lua ubus bindings seem to have some sort of array encoding problems LuCI Base defect new 02/05/2014
#668 mini/freifunk/basics/ LuCI Applications defect new 02/05/2014
#669 LuCI Trunk deficient on various fields LuCI Base defect new 02/05/2014
#670 too slow to edit firewall rule LuCI Applications defect new 04/24/2014
#674 "Collecting Data" persists on interface summary and other pages LuCI Base defect new 04/24/2014
#685 Too Many Redirects at install of Luci on OpenWRT LuCI Applications defect new 06/04/2014
#147 Use "stop/commit/start" rather than "commit/reload" LuCI Initscripts enhancement jow accepted 10/22/2010
#231 Add L2TP in Interfaces - WAN LuCI Base enhancement new 04/30/2011
#233 Interfaces in iface_overview.htm should look like that in network_netlist.htm LuCI Themes enhancement new 05/02/2011
#288 [PATCH] Allow smarter node creation based on visibility during createtree LuCI Base enhancement jow accepted 08/12/2011
#310 generate a PNG label image to put a sticker on the device LuCI Applications enhancement new 10/08/2011
#332 zh_CN_base.po translation improvments patch component1 enhancement new 10/29/2011
#365 [Patch] Add LuCI Application for IPsec/Openswan LuCI Applications enhancement jow accepted 12/15/2011
#367 OpenVPN status frame LuCI Applications enhancement new 12/20/2011
#368 Add enabled option to multiwan (in uci config) LuCI Applications enhancement new 12/20/2011
#371 Add an assistant for creating OpenVPN certificates LuCI Applications enhancement new 01/01/2012
#394 EAP MD5 protocol for WAN LuCI Base enhancement new 04/18/2012
#398 Add uShare Web lnterface Shortcut LuCI Applications enhancement jow accepted 04/18/2012
#402 IGMP proxy app LuCI Applications enhancement new 04/26/2012
#435 [patch] add luci-app-mosquitto for editing basic mosquitto settings via (l)uci LuCI Applications enhancement new 06/21/2012
#436 PPTP VPN Server LuCI Applications enhancement jow accepted 06/21/2012
#441 LuCI-Support for iperf LuCI Applications enhancement new 06/23/2012
#451 Schedule for firewall rules LuCI Applications enhancement jow accepted 07/24/2012
#472 Limit option on firewall LuCI Applications enhancement new 08/14/2012
#498 Luci OpenVPN package should support parsing of .opvn files LuCI Applications enhancement new 10/23/2012
#538 luci-app-ddns: allow check_interval set to 0 for no background loop check LuCI Applications enhancement new 02/27/2013
#542 Loggin to file config in LuCI LuCI Base enhancement new 02/27/2013
#557 Please add Slovak language to pootle LuCI Applications enhancement new 03/19/2013
#583 Luci functionality enancement LuCI Applications enhancement new 06/28/2013
#601 Bootstrap style tweak patch LuCI Themes enhancement new 08/23/2013
#618 Bypass uci-defaults and set default theme path in default luci config file LuCI Themes enhancement new 10/09/2013
#683 Add support for shairport configuration LuCI Applications enhancement new 06/04/2014
#684 luci-app-ddns - Implementing Support for HTTPS-, Certificates- and Syslog-Settings LuCI Applications enhancement new 06/04/2014
#255 TP-LINK TL-WR841N LuCI Applications task new 06/21/2011
#86 /usr/lib/lua/luci/dispatcher.lua:253: Access Violation LuCI Applications LuCI 0.10.0 defect new 09/27/2009
#134 luci-app-ntpc 0.9.0-1 doesn't apply new settings LuCI Applications LuCI 0.10.0 defect new 06/22/2010
#168 freifunk-wizard isn't creating dhcp-range for wifi-device when told to do so LuCI Freifunk Support LuCI 0.10.0 defect new 11/25/2010
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